A dynamic 6-week program that will help you turn your frustration
with being effective into a confidence in knowing and understanding your child’s heart.

Parenting with Personality is for parents of children from toddler to teen who are ready for fresh perspectives, new insights, and practical tools. You may have attempted other parenting approaches in the past, but didn’t feel like all the pieces fit. You may feel ready to work with someone relatable and kind, but are also ready to put in some hard work to experience a true joy, connection, and transformation in your home.

As a family you can experience

  • Refreshed outlook on life and others
  • Enriched relationships and connection
  • Revived joy in your home
  • Boosted confidence
  • Strengthened communication
  • Refined and practical tools to improve your family
  • Increased free time to enjoy other things
  • Improved focus and energy
  • Defined goals for your plan as a parent
  • Bolstered appreciation for your child
  • Gained understanding of yourself and your needs
  • Deepened connection with your child, AND
  • Pride in what you achieve and invest in your family

In this program:

We will discuss the history of personalities, why they are a short-cut to relating in a deeper and more meaningful way with your child, and how this connection can benefit your whole family. We break down each of the four personalities (Playful, Powerful, Proper, and Peaceful) and talk specifically about the following areas:


Personality Basics

Where Did It All Begin?

What Makes Up the Personality?

Why Does Personality Matter?

What is the Parenting Equation?


Parent Personality

What Does the Quadrant Tell Us?

What Are the Visual and Verbal Clues?

What Does a Motto Have to Do With It?

What Are the Parent Strengths?

What About Those Parent Struggles?

Do Parents Have Emotional Needs?

Which Two Are You?


Who Is Your Child?

Playful Sanguine Motto

Powerful Choleric Motto

Proper Melancholic Motto

Peaceful Phlegmatic Motto


What Are Your Child’s Strengths?

Playful Sanguine Strengths

Powerful Choleric Strengths

Proper Melancholic Strengths

Peaceful Phlegmatic Strengths

Healthy Perspectives on Strengths


Do You Know Your Child’s Potential Struggles?

Playful Sanguine Struggles

Powerful Choleric Struggles

Proper Melancholic Struggles

Peaceful Phlegmatic Struggles

Putting Struggles Into Perspective


What Are Your Child’s Emotional Needs?

Playful Sanguine Emotional Needs

Powerful Choleric Emotional Needs

Proper Melancholic Emotional Needs

Peaceful Phlegmatic Emotional Needs

Putting Emotional Needs In Focus

Can You Identify Your Child?


How Do You Work Together?

The Concept of A Shared Square

Challenging….But Not Impossible…Combinations

Going Back to the Basics…Emotional Needs

Parent Tendencies

Parent Awareness


How Do You Tailor Your Approach?

Motivation Strategies

Handling Conflict

Effective Discipline

Social Interactions

Within the Family Structure

School and Learning

Sibling Relationships


How Can I Help My Child Grow?

Support for the Playful Sanguine

Support for the Powerful Choleric

Support for the Proper Melancholic

Support for the Peaceful Phlegmatic


Bonus Question and Answer Session

So I Have a Playful Sanguine Child Who…

So I Have a Powerful Choleric Child Who…

So I Have a Proper Melancholic Child Who…

So I Have a Peaceful Phlegmatic Child Who...

Wrap Up: It’s Been Fun… Now, Let’s Go Parent With Personality!


It’s Been Fun… Now, Let’s Go Parent With Personality!

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