What has five different roles (wife, mother, professional counselor, speaker, and writer), two sleep modes (asleep and wishing for sleep), seven children, an energy supply that somehow manages to spark every morning, and longs to help those searching or hurting? Why, that would be Jami Kirkbride!

Packed full of colorful examples, practical tools, and a relatable style, Jami’s presentations will spur any listener toward growth and change. You will walk away from her presentations with a renewed sense of hope, clarity, and the desire to make the most of every opportunity.

Are you looking for a rejuvenated approach to parenting? Would you like to make the most of your relationship with your child? Whether it’s building a better marriage, improving family relations, or refocusing your parenting plan, Jami’s experience and training can help you to:

  • Gain a fresh and healthy perspective on individual differences
  • Develop communication that is positive and purposeful
  • Build relationships that are fulfilling and life-changing

She will help you feel refreshed, equipped, and eager to parent in ways you never thought of before. Her practical tools will make an amazing difference in how you relate with your child.

Media Appearances

Jami is also available to make media appearances to talk about family issues. As a professional counselor, speaker, and mother of seven children, she brings a multi-dimensional aspect to the topics that affect families. As a counselor and parenting expert, she can speak knowledgeably about issues relating to communication, relationships, trials, transitions, trauma, and tragedies. Contact Jami if you would like her to make a media appearance.

Numerous counselors would agree that of the main issues affecting marriage, parenting is in the top three! So what if addressing parenting issues could improve not only your relationship with your child, but your relationship with your spouse!

Parenting with Personality

This signature talk is the one that grew my dream to share this concept with Moms across America! In one short forty-five minute session, parents can learn some concepts that turn their home and family around. I have seen numerous moms leave this talk feeling as though they just discovered some keys to understanding their child! They leave this presentation feeling refreshed, re-energized, and refocused. This talk will help you understand the foundations of personality as we look at the following:

  • The History of Personalities
  • What are the four personality styles?
  • What are the strengths and struggles that we often see in each personality?
  • What are the emotional needs of each personality?

Parenting With Purpose

Parenting is an important job . . . one we should approach with purpose and a plan. How do we help shape our child's heart? How do we teach foundational truths that will guide them throughout life? Jami offers three keys to teaching children values and offers some practical tools that will help these principles take shape in your child's heart and home.

  • Gain perspective on your role as a parent
  • Focus your parenting efforts
  • Learn how to enjoy the journey

Jami captivates her audience with her honest and personal approach to speaking. She has a unique ability to incorporate stories and illustrations into her presentation that will touch the heart while remaining professional and extremely informative. Her presentations are fun, creative, and interactive which keeps audience members engaged and learning.—Jaclyn Rowe, Speaker, Personality Trainer and Mom

Looking for a speaker for a two-day or overnight conference?
The two talks above work great in a 3 session format for:

Parenting With Personality, Purpose, and A Plan

Combining  Parenting With Personality  and Parenting With Purpose provides a focused and motivating approach to parenting. Jami offers a very thorough picture and plan that will help you take you and your family to the next level of relating and connecting. This information is sure to be life-changing for your family!

  • Gain perspective on your role as a parent
  • Understand your personality
  • Learn about your child’s unique personality (including strengths, struggles, and emotional needs)
  • Discover your child’s love language
  • Uncover your child’s specific learning style
  • Focus your parenting plan to address your child’s particular needs and to encourage a deeper connection than you’ve ever experienced.

Maybe you are looking for something even more focused on marriage. Jami can present that too! After all, a good marriage is key to a happy family and kids that can thrive.

Understanding Yourself and the One You Married

You fell in love with them and thought they complimented you. Now you may be left wondering why you just can’t see eye to eye. Discover how the combination of your personalities plays out in your marriage.

  • Understand the strengths, struggles, and needs of you and your spouse
  • Learn keys to communicating and motivating each other
  • Achieve a deeper level of love and acceptance as you appreciate differences

Compatible Communication

Do you struggle to understand and be understood? Do you wish that you could relate with others in a more meaningful way? When you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses, you can communicate more effectively, whether speaking with your spouse, child, or anyone else.

  • Learn ways to utilize your strengths and minimize your personality struggles
  • Tailor your approach according to the needs of your listener
  • Practice necessary adjustments to help your communication be effective

Who Moved My Happy…Navigating the Daze of Depression

Depression is a dark night that seems endless. Many moms struggle with depression, whether post partum or otherwise. Family and friends frequently do not understand the struggle or know what to do or say. Hope can feel a long ways away. Do you or someone you know struggle with depression? Let Jami propose some compassionate, practical suggestions that will guide you to the light of day.

  • Identify symptoms of depression
  • Learn some practical ways to navigate through depression
  • Evaluate how you might support someone else through the struggle

Specific Family Issues and Topics

Through her work as a licensed professional counselor, as well as the personal challenges she has faced, Jami realizes the number of issues that may affect families dealing with trials, transitions, and trauma. These needs may be far reaching—including communication issues, domestic violence, personal losses, sexual assault, overcoming trauma, and a vast array of transitions that families experience. If your group would like to invite Jami to discuss a particular issue, please feel free to contact her and discuss the options. She is happy to structure a topic to the specific needs of your group. Even the most weary will be inspired by her fresh perspectives, personal insights, and positive focus.

Let's Do This!