Jami Kirkbride

Jami is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Speaker, Author, Certified Personality Trainer, and Parent Coach. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. For over 15 years, she has had numerous opportunities to educate and inspire moms. In addition to co-authoring The You Zoo, she has been a contributing author to six books, including Laundry Tales, Pearl Girls, and Mommy Diaries. Her work has been featured on CBN.com, Focus on the Family’s Focus on Your Child, MOPS International and MOMSense radio, TODAY Parenting, and ChannelMom Radio.

Jami and her husband Jeff are nestled on a quiet prairie where they raise their seven children, Bennett, Grayson, Jayden, Savannah, Jackson, Carter, and Taylor (now with his wife Lindsay, and two sons, Myles and Mason). The Kirkbride home is rarely quiet, except in the wee hours which are sometimes the best time to think and create. And there is never a dull moment, as someone is always up to some sort of teasing, chatting, or game playing! The days aren’t always easy, but choosing joy is a common practice in this house.

When Jami is not knee-deep in parenting issues, she finds time to help others improve their relationships, gain new perspectives, and make the most of life’s opportunities. Jami has created the go-to resource for parents, an online class Learning the Language of Your Child’s Heart in which The You Zoo is the companion resource. It is best described as the instruction manual for parenting! Her courses and coaching help parents feel refreshed, equipped, and eager to parent in positive and purposeful ways. Her colorful examples, practical tools, and relatable style enable others to appreciate personality differences and improve relationships.

Are you looking for a rejuvenated approach to parenting? Jami can help you gain a healthy perspective on individual differences, develop positive communication, and build relationships that are life-changing. She focuses her work on helping parents who are overwhelmed with the struggle of raising a child who is highly emotional, highly sensitive, intense, or challenging, discover calm, confident connection through understanding personality, sensory needs, and mental health issues. She provides the following for different preferences in support or learning:

  • Social Networks (FB, IG, Pinterest, LinkedIn) for consistent interaction
  • Facebook Group and Challenges
  • Free Resources and Encouragement through her Parenting With Personality Subscriber Emails
  • Workshops or Presentations
  • Parent Coaching (Group and 1:1)
  • Online Courses

You can read more about Jami at ParentingWithPersonality.com and hear her on ChannelMom Radio a syndicated radio program out of Denver, CO. Visit ParentingWithPersonality.com for booking information and products. While you are there, take the fun Parent Personality Quiz to learn more about yourself!

Kathryn Robbins

Kathryn Robbins is a Certified Life Coach, Personality Trainer, Speaker, and author who loves empowering people by helping them unlock their potential through understanding their natural personality’s strengths, struggles and emotional needs.

Kathryn is the President of Personality Principles LLC. She has helped incorporate the idea of understanding personality tendencies into numerous types of professions such as teaching, coaching, counseling, sales,and management through workshops and seminars, online training, keynote speaking and coaching.  

As the young mother of five sons, Kathryn prayed for tools to help raise her sons, better her marriage, and overcome her personal struggles. Her prayer was answered when she listened to a recording by Florence Littauer explaining personality types. Kathryn applied the information to her life and later received training from Florence, which lead to becoming the Director of The Personalities for CLASServices for several years. Kathryn is a contributing author to Wired That Way.

Minnesota is “home,” but she lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband Steve and three of their five sons. She is grandma to one darling granddaughter (finally a girl!) who loves all things bright and shiny.

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