Navigating Emotional Storms:
Doing the Hard Work and
Heart Work of Parenting

How to calm your child’s emotional chaos
without crushing your connection.

I see you weary mom,

In between the busy schedule of family activities and tasks…

you’re navigating through a storm of emotional meltdowns, intense outbursts, and challenging behavior.

If you’re here, you’re likely dealing with a highly sensitive, emotionally intense child or maybe even unique mental health challenges like a child with ADHD, issues with sensory processing, anxiety, or DMDD. Trust us, you’re not alone on this turbulent journey of parenting challenges.

But take heart, you’re not just seeking a lifeboat in this emotional storm—you’re searching for a lighthouse, a guide with faith-aligned, practical, parent strategies to calm the storms and make sense of the chaos.

Don’t worry, you’ve landed in the right spot for parenting support!

At Parenting With Personality, we’ve got your back with practical tips, game-changing, connection-creating parent tools, and parent coaching.

Ready to turn turbulence into tranquility and confusion into connection?

Let’s do this!

We can make a difference

in the life of a child…

your unique and

wonderful child!

As a licensed professional counselor, speaker, author, parenting coach, and mother of seven, I have found personalities to be one of the biggest and best parenting tools to truly understanding others, and especially my children. Our seven kids vary in age over an 18 year span. We have done everything from newborn sleepless nights to teen driving sleepless nights, potty training to wedding planning, and sometimes at the same time! And oh my, how we’ve enjoyed (and learned from) all the crazy stages in between!

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To Know Your Child Is To Love Your Child

How would you like a shortcut to understanding what your child needs?
  • Identify their strengths
  • Recognize potential struggles
  • Understand emotional and sensory needs
  • Navigate highly emotional meltdowns effectively
I help overwhelmed parents raising a child who is highly sensitive, emotionally intense, or exhibiting challenging behaviors, discover calm, confident connection through understanding personality, sensory processing, and childhood mental health issues. Try one of these quizzes to get the first piece of the puzzle in understanding your child’s needs.
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Feeling Overwhelmed By Your Child’s Emotional Storms? You’re Not Alone!

You dream of having a loving, peaceful connection and effective parenting strategies as you work with your highly sensitive or emotionally intense child. Yet, what keeps you up at night is a struggling, intense child, who’s a handful in ways that no parenting book ever prepared you for. You want to be that rock your child can lean on, without losing your footing (or your cool) in the process.

Being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever love. You’re swamped, stressed, and sometimes feel you’re just winging it. What if I told you that the love and effort you pour into your family can actually make a difference? What if you could parent confidently, nurturing your unique child’s needs while strengthening your family bonds?

Don’t Go It Alone—Let’s Navigate These Parenting Storms Together!

I’m committed to helping you do the hard work—and the heart work—of parenting. You’re not just raising a child; you’re nurturing a child to be all he was created to be! Together we can make a difference in the life of a child…your child!

Coaching Support

We understand the complexity of juggling personalities, sensory processing, and even childhood mental health issues. We’re here to empower you to find your unique roadmap to calm, confidence, and a deeper connection with your child. Need some guidance? We’ve got plenty—parent coaching programs and practical parenting strategies that actually work for your family and align with your Christian values. Unsure where to start? No worries—that’s common here. Why not schedule a complimentary discovery call? We’d be thrilled to guide you toward the parent support and resources best suited for you and your one-of-a-kind child.

Navigating Emotional Storms: The Power of Personality Insight in Raising a Highly Sensitive, Intense Child

You’re not alone in navigating the mystery of individual personalities and parenting challenges. Every child is a puzzle, and what brings joy and focus to one can throw another into a whirlwind of emotions. Investing hours into crafting the perfect family activity can feel like a total miss when it doesn’t fit with your child’s unique needs. Trust me, I’ve walked this road!

As a licensed professional counselor and personality trainer, I thought I had the ultimate toolbox. Yet, when it came to one of my children, who had specific sensory processing needs and mental health challenges, even I felt like a novice.

Even with my background, I faced moments of feeling inadequate as a mom. We tried “all the things,” from medical professionals and numerous therapies, to exhaustive parenting research, and let me tell you, we reached a point of parental burnout. Sound familiar?

But here’s the good news: We discovered some parenting techniques, game-changing strategies, and practical insights that truly worked, even with the challenging behavior and intense emotions. These parenting strategies sparked meaningful change, not just for my complex child but for our whole family unit, adding layers of understanding and deepening our connections.

It was an answer to prayer.

If you’re wearing out, navigating the storms of parenting an emotionally intense, or highly sensitive child without a map, I get it. And I’m here to offer you a lifeline. My mission is to spare families the exhaustion and heartache of doing it alone, equipping you with practical tips and tools and a tailored approach to understanding your uniquely wired child.

By combining an in-depth understanding of personalities, sensory processing, and childhood mental health issues with a deliberate and intentional parenting strategy, I’ve crafted the iHeart framework that empowers parents. It’s about more than just surviving.

It’s about growing and thriving as a family, nurturing deep-rooted relationships while embracing the beautiful challenges that come with raising an emotionally vibrant child.

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Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing

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