Do you find yourself struggling to feel effective as a parent?
Would you like to know a short cut to understanding your child?
What if there truly was a way to connect with your child despite the intense emotion and meltdowns?!

You most likely started into parenting feeling fully rested, a little anxious,
but excited to meet that little bundle of sunshine that would arrive and change your world! You imagined:

Cuddles and snuggles

Unconditional love of a child

A cute little child who showed an obvious resemblance of you and your husband

And watching that sweet child happily grow and change over the years.

How many times have I looked at each individual child-so unique, so gifted—and wondered if I would ever truly understand how to best walk alongside them as a mother, a teacher and a mentor? The You Zoo is a phenomenally practical, creative and inductive tool that will give you a much-needed lens into viewing how your child thinks, feels and experiences life. You will laugh, affirm, celebrate and gain life-changing insight along with your child as together you are handed the gift of perspective with clarity, sensitivity, and compassion.

Ghena Burson, M.A. Curriculum and Instruction and Homeschooling Mom

Dynamic! Fun! You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of your personality and how you are uniquely created.

Tammy Busse, Mom

As a mother, I can not imagine parenting without knowing the different personalities. I believe I am a much better mom knowing why my kids are driven to act certain ways. I have much more patience towards behavior I may not understand. I believe I can help them understand themselves and how they are amazing just the way they are wired. Without the knowledge of different personalities, I may be more harsh and believe my way of doing things is the only correct way. I am so thankful I studied the different personalities and am able to see things clearer through other people’s eyes.

Ashley Howe, Photographer and Homeschooling Mom

The Real Journey

Then you started down the real journey, quickly sleep-deprived,
a bit more anxious, and possibly surprised that this little pottying, burping,
crying bundle was totally dependent on you and it rocked your world!

You then experience:

  • The struggle of getting your child to sit still long enough to snuggle

  • Strong emotions that you didn’t know you or your child actually possessed
  • That little one not only resembles you both but has some traits that you wish neither of you possessed

  • A child who grows in frustration and struggles with intense emotions and meltdowns

And despite people saying,

“Enjoy these years…they go so fast!”

There are days that you question if time will ever pass, or if you will make it to see this child grow up!

Parenting is not only hard work,

And I want to help you learn to speak the language of your child’s heart!

You can maximize your joy as you do the heart work of parenting!

Imagine being able to…

Motivate your child with positive means

Encourage them to grow in their strengths

Help them minimize their struggles


Identify their unique emotional needs


Target your time to meet their needs

Connect with them at a deeper level

Appreciate your personality differences

Anticipate what will work with them

Adjust your approach to be effective

Imagine sharing more laughter,
more joy, and a meaningful connection!

I’m Jami Kirkbride, founder of Parenting with Personality

As a licensed professional counselor, speaker, author, personality trainer, parent coach, and mother of seven, I have found personalities to be one of the biggest and best keys to truly understanding others, and especially my children. Our seven kids vary in age over an 18-year span. We have done everything from newborn sleepless nights to teen driving sleepless nights, potty training to wedding planning, and sometimes at the same time! And oh my, how we’ve enjoyed all the crazy stages in between!

If I didn’t know this personality stuff, I’d think I was losing my mind! Because you see what works beautifully with one child, might be a total flop with another! And what truly motivates one child to action can totally shut another down. Watching a child, whether it’s due to not feeling understood, high emotions, high sensitivities, sensory needs, or a mental health issue is difficult. Knowing the personality information has given me a springboard to the meaningful ways to understand each child, appreciate each child, and actively meet the unique emotional needs of each child. Putting the iHeart approach to parenting to work has given be an added layer to truly understand what my child needs and how we can work together through times of struggle or dysregulation. It doesn’t have to be such a battle. Learn how understanding personality, sensory needs, and mental health issues can bring you, your child, and your whole family relief with strategies and tools that will truly make a difference!

Calm Connection Parenting Program

Coaching and Education for Parents Raising A Highly Emotional, Intense, or Challenging Child

Here’s how we make it happen

There are a ton of parenting programs out there, but most focus on target behaviors or particular methods. This parenting approach is different. We focus on the heart of your child! We take time to understand the personality, emotional needs, sensory needs, and issues of your unique child. That’s why we say we focus on the heart work, not just the hard work, of parenting.

In this program, we will discuss parent and child personalities, why they are a short-cut to relating in a deeper and more meaningful way, and how this connection can benefit your whole family. We break down each of the four personalities (Playful, Powerful, Proper, and Peaceful) and talk specifically about visual and verbal cues, strengths, struggles, and emotional needs of each.

You will learn the iHeart approach to handling your child’s needs and emotions. If you have a highly sensitive, highly emotional, or intense child, you will benefit from learning this six-step approach that helps you consistently and confidently approach even the most challenging behaviors, emotions, and issues.

In this program, you will also gain an understanding for the sensory and mental health needs your child may have that contribute to their intense emotions or challenging behavior. You will learn some specific tips to handling those meltdowns or severe tantrums like a pro. When you and your child know the process, you will begin to grow in trust and connection. Again, focusing on the heart allows us to work toward the connection you desire, despite the high sensitivity, intensity, and emotion.

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