Parenting With Personality’s

Dynamic Parenting Courses

will help you turn your overwhelm into a confidence that you know and understand your child’s heart and needs.

Parenting with Personality’s courses are for overwhelmed parents of children from toddler to teen who are ready for fresh perspectives, new insights, and practical tools. You may have attempted other parenting approaches in the past but didn’t feel like all the pieces fit. You may feel ready to work with someone relatable and kind, but you are also ready to put in some hard work to experience true joy, genuine connection, and a meaningful transformation in your home.

Parents usually end up here for one of these reasons–

  • You may be here simply to understand your child better, figure out why you and your child are so different, or struggle to relate.
  • You may be here to get some help and direction in learning to handle a highly emotional, highly sensitive, intense, or challenging child.

Either way, I’ve got you! The insight and approaches you find here will bring you, your child, and entire family

a total change of direction and connection!

Let’s Do This!

As a family you can experience

  • Defined steps to navigate high emotions

  • Enriched relationships and connection
  • Revived joy and desire to be together

  • Boosted confidence
  • Strengthened communication
  • Refined and practical tools to express needs

  • Increased free time to enjoy other things
  • Improved focus and energy
  • Defined goals for your plan as a parent
  • Bolstered appreciation for your child
  • Gained understanding of yourself and your self-care needs

  • Deepened connection with your child, AND
  • Pride in how you grow and understand each other as a family

Calm Connection Parenting Program

This coaching program helps parents who are overwhelmed with the struggle of raising a child who is highly sensitive, highly emotional, intense, or challenging to discover calm, confident connection through understanding personalities, sensory needs, and mental health issues. The iHeart approach taught in this course helps incorporate the three things together to decrease severe meltdowns and tantrums, eliminate power struggles, and increase the connection you feel with your child.

This program is a great fit for you if you need:

  • Practical tools to handle your child’s intense emotions and challenging behaviors
  • Useful strategies to help meet your child’s unique needs
  • Helpful support in managing your child’s intensity and sensitivity
  • Direct guidance in how to communicate through high emotions and meltdowns
  • Supportive feedback as you implement changes and learn the iHeart approach

Learning the Language of Your Child’s Heart

This self-paced course helps parents who are looking to understand their child better. Whether you are simply looking for a deeper connection, trying to make sense of struggles, or figuring out why you just can’t seem to relate–all are great reasons to look at your personality and your child’s as well. The insight you gain can help you manage the speed bumps you face and help you approach them with a new and fresh perspective. Learn ways to bring out the best in them and help them tame their potential struggles. This course will have you well on your way as you learn to not just see your child’s differences, but truly appreciate them!

This program is a great fit for you if you need:

  • Useful insight into your child’s personality
  • Practical strategies to bring out your child’s strengths
  • Helpful tips to manage potential struggles
  • Direct guidance in how you can understand your child’s emotional needs
  • Handy tips for small speed bumps in parenting (school, friendships, siblings, motivation, etc.)

** Learning the Language Of Your Child’s Heart Course is included in the Calm Connection Parent Program.

Your Options:

Learning the Language of Your Child’s Heart Course


  • Self-paced Online Video Course
  • Over 60 brief videos to teach about personalities
  • Workbook to accompany video learning
  • Slide deck of video presentations included

If you are looking to better understand your child and why he does what he does, how you might motivate him better, and learn to appreciate your differences, this is the program you will want to consider.

The Calm Connection Parenting Program

Newest Addition!

  • Language of Your Child’s Heart course included (worth $497)
  • Parent-Focused Parenting With Personality Mini Course
  • Membership in Facebook group for support, additional resources, and video education.
  • Calm Connection four-phase program and group or individual coaching based on level.
  • 4 months of interaction with Jami, ongoing-support, and coaching to help you make the changes you desire.
  • And many more bonuses detailed at the link below!

If you are looking for education, support, or encouragement as you raise a child who is highly emotional, highly sensitive, intense, or challenging, this is the program you will want to consider.

The You Zoo Book

Don’t forget the companion book for the course: The You Zoo

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