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The You Zoo


This children’s personality assessment is an interactive story to help you discover what your child’s personality may be. Through reading the story and following four monkeys (each a different personality) through the course of a day and making decisions, your child will be able to choose which monkey is most like them. You will do an observation assessment to determine what you see as a parent and then tally the results. This book will allow you to help determine:

  • Your child’s primary and secondary personality
  • The strengths and possible struggles of their personality
  • Your child’s specific emotional needs
  • Some tips on what works best for their personality


Pearl Girls

Does God ever feel far away? Do you wonder if he really cares or sees your pain? It is sometimes through our deepest and darkest moments that God makes Himself real to us. Jami shares a short story from her past as she reflects on painful moments that lead her to a vivid encounter of God’s love and protection. Jami is now married to a loving husband and has four wonderful children. She hopes her story can inspire other women who might find themselves leaving abusive relationships or surviving domestic violence. As this book puts it, it is through encountering grit that we experience God’s grace!


The Mommy Diaries

It's quite easy to find yourself buried in the tasks of mothering and searching to find yourself. This book offers short and inspirational stories about the lessons mom learn while enjoying the daily adventures of mothering. Discover how winning relationships can serve as good climbing partners through the challenging ventures. Find out how the dusty trusty guidebook can offer you the help and support you need. And embrace the perspective from the summit or the puddle…wherever you might find yourself! Jami hopes the three stories she has included in this book will encourage and inspire you.


Laundry Tales

It’s a dreaded task that no one can escape…doing laundry. But have you ever stopped to realize how much you can learn about others, yourself, or life in general amidst the mundane task? Your perspective just might go through the spin cycle as you read these short and inspirational stories about life and laundry. Find out what wash time woes have to do with appreciation. Laugh as you find out if Jami airs her dirty laundry or chooses otherwise. Get a sudsy suggestion on how incorporating laundry and respect jobs can have you household laundering with love. Jami has three inspiring stories published in this compilation.



A Cup of Comfort

Is there any relationship more nurturing or thought provoking than the one between a mother and a daughter? Whether young or mature, this devotional offers daily reminders of God’s love and grace. Learn how a pudgy little fist and M&Ms taught a lesson in letting go and letting God. Gain a simple and fresh perspective on God’s word through the eyes of a child. Discover how a chorus of caution might be more effective as prayer rather than worry. Jami has contributed some devotions to this national best selling series and knows you will find this book to be a touching reminder of God’s enduring love.


Daily Devotions for Writers

Needing some inspiration to get your pen moving? Looking for some encouragement after facing another rejection letter? Celebrating a writing success? Who can understand the emotional writing journey better than other authors? Jami shares her first experience at a writer’s conference, moments of self-doubt, the journey to perspective and limits, and how she chooses to be inspired by daily mishaps and uses them as springboards for writing. Jami has contributed to this writer’s devotional and hopes you can be encouraged and inspired no matter where you are in your writing journey.


When God Steps In

There are some hurts too deep and wrongs too great that go beyond the scope of forgiveness, at least as our human minds might figure. Are we expected to forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it or doesn’t even admit their wrong? Forgiveness can be a delicate issue for those who have been victimized. Through her personal experience story, The Feat of Forgiveness, Jami recounts her journey of resolution. Will she find forgiveness for the man who abused her and her son? This story and others found in the book can lead you to see God in every corner of life.

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