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Learning the Language of Your Child's Heart

This introductory course is a great way to get focus. It is a compact but power packed tool to get yourself started in the right direction. Do you feel like you’ve lost some of your mo-jo as a parent? This is a great way to find your course again. This workshop is less than an hour long and will help you:

  • Discover seven qualities strong families possess
  • Learn why teaching values is essential
  • Consider a plan for teaching key values at certain ages
  • Determine your plan for incorporating teaching of values into your every day
  • Refresh and refocus your approach as a parent

In this dynamic program, we will discuss the history of personalities, why they are a short-cut to relating in a deeper and more meaningful way with your child, and how this connection can benefit your whole family. We break down each of the four personalities (Playful, Powerful, Proper, and Peaceful) and talk specifically about the following areas:

  • Visual and verbal cues
  • Inherent strengths
  • Potential struggles
  • Unique emotional needs
  • Parent Personality
  • Parenting Tips Specific to each personality
  • Combinations of parent-child personalities
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