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I see you weary mom,

In between the busy schedule of youth ball games,
getting meals on the table,
working or volunteering outside the home, cleaning house,
training children, and everything else you do to keep your family afloat,
you value the importance of understanding the unique needs of each of your children.

You want to be influential and feel effective.

You know, like what you pour into really matters,
that you still exist with dreams and joy, and that the energy you put into parenting
can actually deepen the connection you feel with your child.

But, it's not easy

You sometimes feel overbooked and overlooked, longing to feel less lonely and more supported

I've got your back!

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Hey fellow mom! I'm Jami Kirkbride, founder of Parenting with Personality

As a licensed professional counselor, speaker, author, personality trainer, and mother of seven, I have found personalities to be one of the biggest and best keys to truly understanding others, and especially my children. Our kids vary in age from 3-21…yes, you read that right We are doing everything from potty training to wedding planning! And oh my, all the stages in between!

If I didn’t know this personality stuff, I’d think I was losing my mind! Because you see what works beautifully with one, might be a total flop with another! And what truly motivates one to action can totally shut another down. I could devote several hours to something I might imagine a child would like, but if it misses the mark with their personality, that time can appear a big waste. Knowing the personality information has given me a beautiful framework in which to understand each child, appreciate each child, and actively meet the unique emotional needs of each child.  

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