Hello, From a Mom Who Does Not Have it All Together!


Yes, I know that may seem like a strange way to say hello! But am I the only one that notices after scrolling through social media that other moms appear to have it all together, and it can make you feel a bit intimidated?! Well, I’d just like to admit right up front that I am not one of those moms who do!

Hi, I’m Jami Kirkbride, a wearer of many hats, including speaker, author, professional counselor, personality trainer, and parenting coach. However, the one role that fuels all other roles is that of MOM to seven usually smiling faces. Powered by my passion for parenting, a steady supply of gooey kisses and smelly hugs (yes, six of the seven are BOYS!), and a nearly bottomless supply of hot cocoa, I eagerly share my experiences to support and inspire other parents.

Our seven children range in age from 3-21. So, you might find this as strange as it feels, but we are potty training and wedding planning at the same time. And everything in between! I had never imagined that! I have been mothering for 21 years and will have a child at home for 17 more! So, I am journeying right along with you!

I’m far from perfect as a mom, in fact, my Pinterest flops, drawers crammed shut, outrageous most-embarrassing moments, and parenting fails might be the only thing that could ever win me a prize!

I am the founder of Parenting With Personality, a personality-driven approach for perpetually overbooked, wholeheartedly weary, and every degree of happily-tired in between! My sporadic reflections on joyous moments in mothering power me beyond the messiness of motherhood.

I understand that parenting can be tough and desire to educate, support, and inspire others as they experience the parenting journey. The practical tools, useful tips, and encouragement are aimed to help you maximize your joy in the heart work of parenting. And yes, you read that right…the heart work, because you see, I focus more on learning to speak the language of your child’s heart than a particular method. And I truly believe that this approach can help you connect and relate with your child in a deeper and more meaningful way.

So, here’s to the moms who find Siri their best conversation companion, who may or may not have had more pajama days than dressed days last week, and just might have done a happy dance when you resurrected last nights leftovers into something kind of amazing!

For those starting the journey, I hope to give you some ideas to consider. To those who have been on this journey, but feeling a little tired, I’m here to inspire you. And for those yelling, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” I’m here to help and support you as you get back in the game!


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