Top Ten Clues You Just Might Be a Mom


Now one might say you know you are actually a mom by the tired look on your face, the stretch marks left behind, or maybe the presence of a little one twisted around your legs! But should you ever wonder…

You just might be a mom if:

10. You have ever worn “eau de spit up” as your unintended perfume as you hurried out the door.

9. You have attempted to use the restroom in privacy, as little fingers inched under the door and a tiny voice asked, “What are you doing in there?”

8. You have braved the treacherous territory of potty training, waited countless minutes in front of a toilet, ready to cheer and shout, and lived to tell about it.

7. You have done a little “spit-shine” on your little one’s face despite swearing you would NEVER

do that to your child.

6. You find that you just ended that important professional call with a nice, “bye-bye!”

5. You have had a sweet little one get right up close to your face, and then so lovingly ask, “What’s that red spot on your face?”

4. You have crowded in the tiny stall of a public bathroom and had someone announce just exactly what you were doing or still needed to do.

3. You have dreaded the flu your whole life, but find yourself being hugged by a little one that smells dreadfully of sick germs and is breathing right in your face.

2. You have heard a dreadful cough and turn to find that it erupted right over your plate of food, and somehow still eat it.

And the number one clue that you just might be a mom….drum roll please…

1. You have counted down the hours until bedtime and count this day among one of your roughest ever, BUT despite the quiet house, you find yourself strangely pulled to the bedroom where you find that tiny little angelic face sleeping and think to yourself… How precious! I can’t wait to experience another day with this sweet little one tomorrow.

Might Be a Mom


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