Five Days to A Refreshed Mom?! Could it be possible?! What would it be like to be a re-energized and refreshed Mom?!

You survived the holiday rush! You welcomed the New Year! And now, it hits you! You forgot to make your New Year’s resolutions! New Year’s resolutions. Some have great success with them, anticipate the arrival of a whole new set every year, and set out with a go get ‘em attitude. And for those of you who do that, I applaud you! But I’m guessing that if that’s how you feel, you already had your resolutions in place well before the 1st of January!

I know for me, the words kind of settle like a rock in a puddle. The entrance makes a fun splash, the ripples are intriguing to watch, but then I get a little bored. Before you know it, I’m distracted and lose sight of what it was that I wanted to pursue. I also realize for some, the words are nearly nauseating, a reminder of goals unattained or the feeling of failure that attaches to the memory of years gone by.

So, in the spirit of doing things differently, and with hopes to encourage you no matter how you feel about New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to do something specific for moms as they head into a New Year. So as not to confuse any emotions, we are going to totally defy the New Year’s resolutions timeline and tackle this in our own way and on our own timeline!

That’s why I planned a full week challenge activity for Moms the 4th week of January. Starting January 22 through January 26, I will be holding a free Facebook challenge group as we set out to tackle our approach for the coming year as moms. For those of you who enjoy support and comradery, this is for you! For those of you who like to have some accountability, this is for you! For those who need something to help spur you into action, this is for you! For those of you who already have resolutions in place, this is still for you!

Have you ever gone to bed at night and just thought, I wish there was more to this than just surviving! Sometimes “just getting by” robs us of experiencing life and joy. We try to keep afloat. We attempt to make it. We do our best to keep going. But in the process, we don’t really feel like we are living, loving, or laughing! And those are all the things you truly desired when you thought of having a family!

Tired of letting busy schedules define you, your family, and your parenting? Want to refocus, refresh, and redefine your family’s priorities and perspective? This five day challenge, and each day’s activity, will walk you through that process. Discover five key concepts to re-energize you with a renewed sense of purpose for yourself and your family. Experience a family that can love deeply, live purposefully, and laugh wholeheartedly in 2018!

Let’s do this!! Let’s find the heart of your family and reconnect with yours in the process!!


Use the link below to connect to the fb group page. Information will be shared prior and during the exciting challenge on this page! Don’t miss the fun! Be sure to join the group with your email, so you won’t miss anything!


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