What does a refreshed Mom look like?

Well take a look around and you just might find a mom that was impacted by last week’s Five Days to A Refreshed Mom Challenge. What a joy it was to share my week with incredible moms, eager to be the best they can be! We covered a ton of information, gained new insights, and passed along some great practical tools!

Each day included a short video teaching segment, theme-focused images with quotes and inspiration, and live question answer questions. I have to tell you, hearing some of the things these moms come up with is inspiring to me! I love it!


Day One we talked about Purpose.

We discussed how being a mother is a huge part of our purpose. In the present, we are probably giving mothering our focused attention. And it is still important to not lose sight of the fact that we were created with a purpose that includes but is not exclusive to mothering. After all, our kids do leave home at some point! And we are not individuals left without a purpose. So we talked both about our purpose as moms and as women. We did some activities that helped us inventory where we are currently and where we want to be. We even did some work with a family/personal mission statement.

Day Two we talked about Perspective.

We took inventory on the things we orient ourselves to and if that serves us well or needs to be adjusted. There was some discussion about how our perspectives impact our health, our family, and our lives. This day, we had the difficult assignment of writing a letter to ourselves as though we were our greatest hero. (None of us would ever fill a letter with our strengths, capabilities, and gush about our purpose or talents…but our hero would!) This is indeed one of the most important activities of the week. This letter is one that can be kept and used on those days you question your ability to be effective or if you even have purpose or talents! I’ve used mine many times over!

Day Three we talked about Presence.

In a busy schedule, we often forget that what our kids need most from us is our presence! They need us to be near, to interact, to care, to nurture. These years go by quickly. We sometimes need those reminders to make the most of every moment. We discussed how being present and connecting doesn’t have to take extra time and energy, rather, we can focus on being more intentional and purposeful in what we are already doing in the every day things!

Day Three also had a BONUS Session!

One of the best ways we can be present in our child’s life is PLAY! So we talked about Play and how we can engage them in play that is useful in learning, training, and enjoying each other! Assignments for this day included finding out more about the things they enjoy and want to do with you. We also spent some time inventorying our approach to play and why we do (or don’t do) it!

Day Four brought us around to Plan.

We discussed how the three prior days helped us focus on what we want and the direction we are headed. Now we can more easily decide those things that fit within that focus and scope and those things that don’t! We can then make an effective plan at all levels. We can think simply, such as a word for the year or in more detail, as we make daily, weekly, or monthly plans. So on this day we bring it all together and start to see the purpose in our parenting and approach. We begin to feel refreshed when we can say our best yeses to those things that really matter and start letting go of those things that don’t matter so much or don’t carry us closer to our purpose and goal.


Day Five was the capstone.

On this day, I gave the best parenting tool I could give as you work to implement the plan you have in mind. Understanding personalities is key to helping your family and you personally be the best you can be. Understanding your strength will help you capitalize on those things. Being able to identify your potential struggles will help you not get stuck. And having an appreciation for emotional needs will help you focus your energy where it matters and get back on track when you fall! Understanding your child’s personality can be truly transforming to your relationship with them. It will help you love and connect with them at a whole new level.

My hope is that last week will have delivered hope, encouragement, practical tools, and refreshment as moms head out on this important journey of parenting. I always love getting to pour time and energy into motivating and equipping other parents. I hope that this week will yield great results for families as they pursue a life where they can live purposefully, love deeply, and laugh wholeheartedly!

So what is it like and how can you experience it?

You might be wondering how you can be a part of something like this. Don’t despair! While the challenge is indeed over for this year, we are planning now how we might make this information accessible to other moms! So head on over to this link where you can register to get the updates on where you can find the Five Days to A Refreshed Mom videos, free resources, and practical tools post challenge!

Here’s just a sampling of quotes from participants (because the live group is a closed group where we can all interact together privately as moms, I won’t mention any names):

One mom said about the challenge overall: “I loved the videos… I am always looking for more “words to say” when it comes to parenting. It helps for me to hear what other parents do and say in certain situations so I can learn from them.”

Another mom commented about Day 4’s Q&A: “I needed to hear this today” 

A very enthusiastic mom said: “What a neat business you have built. I am so impressed by your content and genuine desire to help and connect with other moms. How do I share this?”

More comments from moms throughout the challenge:

“I am loving all of it! Is it too late to add a friend!”

“Thank you for all your work to women and their families.”

“You are speaking right to my heart and I’m feeling positive about making changes! Thanks so much!”

“Thank you for your ideas. I will definitely try some of these.”

“Knowing the personalities (which Jami taught her) has helped my marriage and now my parenting more than anything else!”

“I love this! Sometimes it just helps to have some solid ideas to try!!”

“I never thought of coming up with a mission statement for my family. I’ve learned a few things already! (and that was just day 1!) Thanks for inviting me!”

“Thanks for inviting me! You always have so many good things to say! Can’t wait for this!”

“Thank you for inviting me. It is definitely God’s timing that you did.”

“I was a part of Jami’s refreshing mom challenge last year and excited for more encouragement this year!”

“I just got the opportunity to watch the live video session from this morning. I really appreciate all your feedback and personal help!”

“Last year at this time, I was operating out of depletion. I just didn’t really know it or how to articulate it. Last year’s questions, discussion, and the Lord’s prompting helping me to realize I was in need of some help/changes for my physical, spiritual, and emotional health. This past year has been a journey of restoring health and the Lord has been so faithful. I have been reminded of my individual purpose and giftings. I also have realized the need and benefit of self-care. When I am healthy and shining, those around me see my joy, and I am much more productive in my purpose. Day 2’s discussion was such a good reminder and marker for me at how far I have come. I could answer questions much differently than last year. Yessss!”

So please come and join us for the free self-paced challenge if you didn’t get in on the live challenge. If you were a part of it, thank you so much and I would love to hear your feedback. Also, I want you to know your resources are still where you last saw them! The resources for this week are on the subscriber-only resource page if you are subscribed to my newsletter or joined the challenge, if not sign up here. They are the Family Meeting Planner and the Family Rules Sheet.

Let’s Do This!

Jami Kirkbride

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