The Battle is real (continued from part 2)

The truth is, you are fighting a battle. And the battle of parenting your child through mental health issues is beyond tough. It is beyond exhausting. And to say it is heartbreaking, barely touches it. At times you may feel alone, but you aren’t! There are others who are having similar experiences. These aren’t the things that people are talking about freely or sharing on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

A friend of mine said it well the other day, “I sometimes feel like a fraud. Because what I show to others isn’t what is really going on.” True that. We have to portray outwardly for the sake of our other children, our family, our job, even for our own sanity, some resemblance of strength, coping, or health. But what we feel internally can feel like such a dreadful mismatch. That my friend is where that loneliness begins and grows.

Self-Care: Finding Comfort, Relief and Renewal of Spirit

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We need to give ourselves the grace to shed light on our unimaginable experiences and gut-wrenching emotions. For some, that may mean taking time to share with a close friend. Others may find some relief in journaling to get some of those thoughts and feelings out. And it may be useful to consider seeking the support of a counselor who can serve as a healthy outlet and support for all you are trying to understand, learn, and survive. Don’t underestimate these avenues of self-care. Many parents feel that taking time for that self-care is selfish, but the truth is…self-care enables you to better care for others. You can’t give or help others when your own tank is empty.

Find those avenues whether physical, emotional, or spiritual that help refuel and refresh you. Those moments may be few and far between, but taking that time is essential! These moments allow you to come up for air, breathe a deep breath, and go back ready to battle what lies ahead.

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