You turn the page of the calendar. And with it comes a host of emotions…gratitude, excitement, anxiety, and maybe even dread. Moms can easily feel a bit of whiplash from the holidays. After getting through all the preparations, traditions, and extra tasks the holidays bring, you turn the calendar and are instantly reminded of those new year’s resolutions. As a result, you panic. You hadn’t even thought of those yet! Rest easy! I want to give you the three key steps to achieve your goals in the new year.

The New Year and The Mom’s New Year

Perhaps you feel a bit behind, I know, I get it! There’s the new year, and then there’s the Mom’s New Year! And in case you hadn’t heard, the Mom‘s New Year doesn’t come until the trees taken down, the Christmas decorations put away, the new gifts finally put away, including all of those little trinket toys that come in stockings, AND the kids are back to school! Since you’ve survived the holiday hustle and maybe caught a nap, you take a big sigh of relief, and usher in a new feeling of gratitude, grab a big cuppa’ coffee and then you realize…oh my gosh the New Year’s here and I haven’t even thought about a resolution yet!!

You are not alone!! I get it! I’m in the same boat you are. First, I want to encourage you to put aside the idea of grand resolutions. Instead, I want you to just focus on a word of the year! It’s a simple way to find some focus for what you really are wanting to achieve. If you need some help in doing this, I suggest you read Parenting With Personality‘s blog on Choosing A Word For The Year. Go ahead and grab that big cup of coffee, snuggle up with your cozy new throw, and come up with your word for the year! Pick that word that will help you keep perspective and direct you in how you show up in your world this year! This is truly a great place to start as you identify those key steps to achieve your goals this year!

The Motivating Statistics

It is estimated, according to a 2021 Finder survey, that 188.9 million adult Americans (nearly 74% of  the population) say they want to make a lifestyle change, learn something new, or make a goal to better themselves in the coming year. Self-improvement and family both fall withing the top five categories.

Hats off to the millennials, who were identified in the survey as the second-most driven to make the resolutions or goals (at 88.6%). Additionally, they are among the most optimistic in keeping them (78.16%)! Gen X is close behind though (78.6% in making them and 72.48% in keeping them), so no matter where you fall, you have reason to think, plan, and achieve!

What did the Finder survey identify as the resolution road blocks? Lack of self-control and letting it slip your mind were the two most common excuses for failing to achieve a past resolution or goal. Consequently, this is something to keep in mind as you think through key steps to achieve your goals this year.

Three Key Steps to Achieve Your Goals This Year

As you think about the coming year and your word (or the resolutions you had already set), I can imagine you are feeling a bit nervous about how you will achieve that. I’d love to share three keys to help you achieve your goals in this coming year. So whether your word is Connect, Rest, Grow, Joy, or any of the other suggested words on the list of 100 ideas, you will have a simple plan on how you will get there!


No matter where you want to end up, it is always worthwhile to take time and look at where you are. This step of self-evaluation is key to making change. Unfortunately, it is where a lot of people get stuck, discouraged, or stop. It can be hard to note areas you are struggling and not feel overwhelmed as you evaluate what it will take to achieve what you desire. Surprisingly, it is essential. So remind yourself that assessing is but a short step in the process. You are taking a snapshot of where you are now and where you want to be.

As you assess you might ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What do you want/need to develop more of?
  • Is there something you want/need to reduce or eliminate?
  • What skills are you bringing to the table to achieve what you desire?
  • Are there things that are holding you back? If so, what are they?
  • What will it take to make progress in this area?
  • How willing are you to work at this goal?


Looking at the situation and assessing what you have, what you need, and where you are going can both inspire and overwhelm. That is normal. Often, this is where people stop. That feeling can both motivate and debilitate. But you get to decide. I’d like to encourage you to let it motivate you to the next step. Let it burn a little in your soul as you imagine what could be different on the other side of achieving this. It might even help to walk through some very detailed imagery of what your life would and could be like when you achieve it. And that can be exciting! Take some time to imagine all the things you might see, hear, and enjoy if you were to use these key steps to achieve your goals this year.

As you commit to your word or goal, you might ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What will it take to get there?
  • How much time will you commit each week to make this happen?
  • How can you evaluate if you are on track?
  • What will you do if you find yourself getting off track?
  • Who are two people that could help support or hold you accountable to this goal?
  • Are you willing to determine a 3,6, and 9-month check on how you are doing?
  • What reminders can you put in your path?
  • How will you celebrate meeting or achieving this goal?

Everyone’s level of commitment will look differently, based on personality and perhaps even how much you really want to achieve what you have identified as your word or goal. I encourage you to look for ways that you can have consistent and fun reminders of what you goal is along the way.

T–Take Action

Yes, action is where the rubber meets the road! (And yes, ACTION is so important that it is why my chosen acronym for this concept is also ACT!!) Too often, we assess or think we have taken the proper steps to commit, only to find that at this point we have unfortunately fizzled on the idea, motivation, or follow through. Let’s change that!

Remember the survey mentioned above noted that letting it slip your mind was one of the top reasons people fail. So let’s plan to plant three different ways that word will show up for you consistently. You might buy an item that has it on it. I bought a mug and a bracelet be that reminder before. I’ve decorated a plain white index care to be a very cheap yet fun reminder. I have also used quotes or verses that included that word posted in my work area. These were all simple reminders that could appear often to keep me focused and on target.

As you consider ways to help you follow through and take action, you might ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What action would need to be taken to just move one step ahead? (Breaking it down into smaller more achievable actions or tasks can help you make better progress in the long run.)
  • Do you have any limiting beliefs that you might need to change? (Believing that you don’t have the ability, money, resources, talent, etc. can stunt your progress.)
  • How can I change that limiting belief into something that inspires hope, growth, or change? (I am learning to… I’m finding resources… I will see how God provides…etc)
  • What step will I take this week to move that one step closer?
  • Do you have a way to measure any success you are making?
  • Will you journal or check in with anyone to keep track and be accountable?
  • Can you declare your goal or word in a way that will both motivate you and keep you on course?

Sharing My Word and Taking Action

I know what it is like to get busy with everyday life and wish you could be more intentional, purposeful or motivated. I often find that we are so busy with the activities of seven kids and their lives that I end up feeling like time is speeding by without much notice. The word for the year is one thing that has helped me be more focused and intentional.

Some of my words from the past years have been joy, inspire, and well (being well, choosing well, and doing whatever I do well). As I set out to decide my word this year, I contemplated a few words:  courage, action, intentional, and many more. But in the end, I chose impact. It kind of felt like the word that summed up many of my options. Wanting to make a difference and having an impact on other’s lives really matters to me. I found myself using those very words several times over the last couple months.

I’ve felt the discouragement of writing and creating things but not following through on using them effectively. Whether courses, or manuscripts, or other content, I felt like I was wasting away the time and effort and energy I had put into creating them and letting them sit useless in my computer. After lots of thinking and planning, I decided my course of action! I wanted to grow in courage, be more intentional, and take action in making an impact. And so I am!

The NEW App Is Born

This is where the NEW Parenting With Personality App came to life! I desired a way to get some of the parenting resources, content, courses, and tips in the hands of parents who could feel helped, supported, and encouraged. I am thrilled to announce that my first steps in taking action are unfolding this very week! And I hope to share them with you!

Those things I felt discouraged about, that were sitting idle in my computer, yes those…they will no longer be sitting in files being useless. I will move and take action this year, and no more “just thinking about it!” My first step…I am providing a Parenting With Personality app that gives access to a FREE course to anyone who downloads it!

This free course is Five Days To A Refreshed Mom. It is a challenge that I did two different times in the past. This is a perfect way to help you find focus and begin your year feeling refreshed and ready. I am thrilled for the chance to share it with you! And I would love for you to share it with any mom you know who might be interested or encouraged by this.

I hope to help make a positive impact on moms and families in this coming year. By the end of 2022, I hope I can retrace the steps I took to grow in courage, be intentional, and follow through on things I may have sat on in past years. I invite you to pick your word, assess where you are, commit to where you want to be, and let’s take action! We can head out into this year helping hold each other accountable. Are you ready to put these key steps to use and achieve your goals this year?! Let’s do this!

Resolution to Reality

This exciting, brand new app for Parenting with Personality is launching MONDAY. Get ready! Turn your resolution for 2022 into a reality! Get encouragement, support, and guidance in parenting to improve and gain insight in this new year and your family will reap the benefits! 

This app is ready for you to dive in on Monday! It is currently in its beta-testing phase but fully functional on the web application ( The app will feature 3 short parenting courses and numerous parenting resources all at affordable prices — you can listen, learn, and participate anytime and anywhere, RIGHT on your phone or tablet. Each lesson will take you no more than 10-15 mins to get through! 

Looking for where you can get started?! Right here! and soon to be found in the App Store and Google Store. Don’t miss the fun! Get going today!

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit this link to sign up for those free parenting resources. Since blogs and emails had been paused for a bit, you will want to be sure to connect on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter so you don’t lose out on all that you may have missed (like those radio interviews!) or miss what’s yet to come!

Can I leave you with some impacting and motivating words as you choose your word and get moving? This quote was a perfect addition to my word choice of the year. I hope it inspires you as well!

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