Have you ever wished your child had come with an instruction manual? I know I have! Well, if you haven’t experienced that sentiment yet, I have a feeling you may at some point! The past several months I have been working tirelessly on a course for parents! And it is ready!!! Yes, this is a tool that will hold information that very well could have been sent in a child instruction manual!!

For the past several years, I have had the chance to educate hundreds of women on how to incorporate personalities into parenting. I can’t tell you how many times they requested printed information and had great questions following a presentation or training. Well, I have consolidated all of my best information into what would become my signature online course to educate, support, and inspire parents. And I introduce to you my brand new course Learning the Language of Your Child’s Heart.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to gain new perspective! This will be a Parenting With Personality course that you can do from the leisure of your own home and when it works best in your day! Hooray!

The course will be about personalities! Now that may not sound all that imperative but wait! What if I told you I had a resource that could help you understand yourself and your child better. (By gosh, I think it will actually help you understand every living human in a different way!! But we are focusing most on parent and child!!) What if I told you that I had a tool that would help you understand your child’s strengths, identify potential struggles, and pinpoint some of their specific emotional needs? And what if I said that this resource could help you better understand how to motivate your child, help them learn, get along better with siblings, manage friendships, and so much more! Yes, I see you sitting up a little straighter now!!

Well, this course can help do all that and then some! Insight into our child is one of the best ways to form a meaningful connection. To understand who they really are is key to loving them…and loving them well!

For the past 15 years, I have been speaking on personalities. My favorite groups are parents! When they hear this information, you see the light come on! To hear the many responses of relieved parents, refreshed parents, and refocused parents head back into their parenting roles armed with an applicable resource has been a huge motivator. Finally, this information can be offered to more parents and have a lasting impact on even more families! This may be information you’d find not just fascinating, but life-changing as a parent!

As helpful as this program has been to moms in my past audiences, it will be even more useful to you. I have:

  • Refined the content
  • Polished the approach and even simplified some concepts
  • Created printed materials/workbooks/slide decks
  • Outlined the most pressing issues for parents
  • Addressed the most commonly asked questions, and finally
  • Built what I believe to be the definitive program on Parenting With Personality!

AND guess what, you can get the course Now, It starts in April but you can enroll right now!

The game plan is that by the end of this course, you will have new perspective, insights, approaches, and tools…and quite possibly some new friends!? As you well know, moms are busy! But they still want and need the transformations that make life feel easier and more efficient. And this course is going to transform you!

We are opening up limited spots, since there is a group-coaching element, and we can only accommodate so many. So if you’d like to join us make sure you click here to enroll now to reserve your place in class.

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Now the good news is…this brand new course has launched! And I have a very, very important announcement:

For more information about personalities make sure you explore the rest of my website, ParentingWithPersonality.com. There you will find a great resource on learning your child’s language of love. Take the quiz!

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Let’s do this!

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